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  • Welcome to SORRA!
Welcome to the Sierra Off Road Riders Association


Who is SORRA? We arose from the ashes of an ATV XC Racing series to become a club whose main goal is to make ATV racing possible and affordable to our members and their families while keeping the environment in mind. As a Club we are organized as a non-profit organization, we have officers and a board of directors but all involvement is strictly voluntary. Your club dues, race fees and donations go into the club and are used only to fund club activities. Currently the association is being run by a Board of directors made up of John Fasig Aaron Robinson Cece Fasig Geni Robinson Ryland Berg and Chris Tokarz all ATV enthusiasts. These people will remain in place until the end of the race season of 2013 at which time their positions will be up for election. Our events are run by members who volunteer their time and resources. We encourage club members to help out with donations of time, materials or fuel if they can.
Why are there dues? Dues are to cover the cost of insurance ($2 million dollar policy), EMT’s, awards, toilets, future equipment and the cost of doing business, SORRA has estimated expenses of $20,000 per year. Our insurance covers racers and course workers who are club members, EMT’s and the property owners therefore all racers and course workers must be club members.
Regarding SxS and MX: The club’s activities are voluntary and at the moment the board is made up primarily of ATV riders. Side-by-Side and MX racers are welcome anytime, In order to hold a SxS race we will need no less than three SxS entered and a small group of people to help organize the riders and the races since they race an XC style course. The MX riders need to get on board so we have ample help and riders to start an all ATV MX series.
What are the current plans for the future? Currently we are trying to get this thing organized and trying to finish the season already started by the previous race series. Next year our plan is to hold an 8 race XC series but we need help finding new venues. If we can find venues with MX tracks we will do our best to accommodate MX riders. Where ever we are racing at a facility that has an MX track associated with it we plan to hold MX practices if not a race as part of our XC events this will help to begin our expansion into MX racing as well. SORRA is all about the ATV racing community and we look forward to making ATV racing a regular thing in the region. We also are mindful of the environment so please tread lightly and stay only on the marked course.

Where to volunteer, post questions and get answers? SORRA has created a forum at sorra.org which has all the rules, results and schedules along with everything else posted and updated regularly please use this location to express your views so we can keep a better handle on what needs to happen to make the club more enjoyable for everyone. Also please keep an eye out at all times for the little jobs which need to be done because we can’t get it all.
Thank you for your participation and support in SORRA together we can make ATV racing a success in the region.

SORRA is a volunteer based non-profit organization (social club)
Volunteers are not compensated for their efforts with free races or camping, this includes board members and officers. Everybody pays to belong and race.
Club membership and event participation is by invitation only. If you are not a member, please ask to be invited! (Don’t worry, we’ll let you in)
Club meetings will be held at each scheduled race event and are open to all members. Please attend and let your voice be heard.
Business Meetings will be held at each event as well as other times as the board deems necessary, Business Meetings are for board members and officers only.
ATV, MX, SxS racers are all welcome but you should expect that we’ll ask you to help out in making track changes and organizing your race. Please let us know when you enter our events if you have others arriving later so we can let them in since our races are not open to the public.
We need help finding additional venues for upcoming races. If you have an idea or want to get involved please contact a member of the board. Typically we need at least 100 acres of private land.
Bring a shovel! We might not always have a tractor available to help us repair the course and be prepared to help out your fellow club members.

Adult Dues = $50 per year,
Kids (under 16) Dues = $25 per year,

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Without the support and help from George at Precision RP and Ed over at teixeira tech , we wouldnt have series , its as simple as that . George and Ed have both worked tirelessly to ensure that we are able to continue to do what we love. So please visit their sites and peruse the goods for upgrading your ride ,
( the odds are the Guy that just passed you is running Ed and Georges Gear , most of the top of the line Riders do ) you have to finish to win , and you cant finish without the best .

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